Measuring jug, closed handle, transparent measuring scale

Key facts at a glance

  • material: plastic (PP), milky white transparent
  • scale marking: litre
  • scale colour: natural, permanently injected
  • dishwasher proof
  • matching lid available separately

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The 2-litre measuring jug – basic equipment in any kitchen This measuring jug with a closed... more

The 2-litre measuring jug – basic equipment in any kitchen

This measuring jug with a closed handle and a capacity of up to 2 litres is an essential utensil in any kitchen, whether in the professional or domestic domain.

A measuring jug is always used when ingredients need to be measured out precisely. This might involve food ingredients, such as milk, sugar or cream, or laboratory liquids, medical ingredients or technical substances. Laboratory staff and builders also use measuring jugs for their daily work, just like chefs, caterers and bakers. A good measuring jug should be stable and allow the units of measurement to be easily visible when they are read off the scale.

Precision measurements for optimal results

The milky-white transparent measuring jug with a capacity of 2 litres is manufactured using high-quality plastic (PP). The material and production are "Made in Germany" and guarantee durability and excellent quality. Of course the material is approved for use with food, so the measuring jug can be used both in the food and non-food sectors. Cleaning is incredibly easy – the measuring jug with closed handle can be quickly washed out under hot running water or in the dishwasher.

The scale goes up to 2 litres in small sub-units. It is permanently injected in the plastic and thus resistant even after extended use and always easily legible. The slanted marking ensures precision reading of the content even when being poured, so not too much and not too little is measured out.

If the contents of the measuring jug are not being used immediately (in full), they will need to be stored, often in the refrigerator. To ensure the contents of the jug are well protected, an optional lid is available.