Delivery rucksack XL

Key facts at a glance

  • material: Polyester, partial vinyl coating inside
  • dimensions, external: approx. 42 cm x 42 cm x 42 cm
  • dimensions, internal: approx. 37 cm x 39 cm x 37 cm
  • weight: approx. 2.5 kg
  • robust, water repellent, highly insulating
  • ideal for delivery services, e.g. for delivering pizza boxes, meal trays, e

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For urban and rural delivery services and pizza takeaways – delivery rucksack XL The trend for... mehr

For urban and rural delivery services and pizza takeaways – delivery rucksack XL

The trend for take-away meal deliveries is steadily growing and has come to include far more than the classic pizza takeaway. All sorts of different eateries, from snack bars to top restaurants, from bakeries to butchers and small bistros – almost every culinary style has its own customer base, and not just in the big cities but spread all over the country. Standards are high – customers rightly expect to receive the food they ordered in top-quality, fresh condition, and ideally looking attractive too.
Making sure delivery staff have the right equipment can be crucial in determining success. The thermohauser XL delivery rucksack is a proven method of choice, especially for delivery by bicycle, scooter or motorbike.

This practical delivery rucksack has two comfortably wide, individually adjustable straps so it can be worn on your back or carried by hand using the handle. The back section is also specially padded to make it even more comfortable. The material – a polyester fabric with vinyl coating on some sections inside – is very sturdy, robust and water repellent. Thanks to the material and the way it is finished, this delivery rucksack has excellent insulation properties. The zips are also very robust and designed to be waterproof, so they can always withstand poor weather and rough handling, when speed is of the essence. The rucksack has reflective strips all around – providing added safety for delivery staff working after dark or in poor visibility.

The rucksack's internal compartments are practical and well-designed. If required, the spacious inner compartment can be divided up using the partition piece included – the partition element is simply positioned using hook and loop fasteners to quickly separate the bag into warm and cold areas. There is a side compartment on the outside, which can be closed using the hook and loop fastener, to enable stable upright transportation of chilled drinks bottles (e.g. two 2-litre bottles). A prominently positioned, waterproof, transparent outer compartment provides a good place for delivery notes, menus, brochures or an attractive advertising poster. As soon as all the deliveries have been made, the delivery rucksack can be folded down to save space. Cleaning is incredibly easy – the material can be wiped down with a damp cloth and hot water, it dries quickly and is ready for use again straight away.

Food and drink deliveries are easier and more effective than ever with the XL delivery rucksack!