Angled spatula

Angled spatula

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Key facts at a glance

  • material: knife steel, non-corrosive, plastic handle (blue)
  • special angled spatula for use on trays and in pans
  • different shapes and sizes available

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Angled spatula - Variants
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Angled spatula
Angled spatula, dimensions approx. 17 cm x 8 cm
Angled spatula
Angled spatula, dimensions approx. 11.5 cm x 7.5-9 cm
Rotating, turning and lifting items out is easy with an angled spatula Turning food on baking... mehr

Rotating, turning and lifting items out is easy with an angled spatula

Turning food on baking trays or in pans with a high edge can be a challenge – when you finally manage to get the implement under the item being cooked, it often tips over when you try to lift it. This can also easily happen when you try to lift the food out, for example onto a plate or serving dish.
These spatulas are designed with a convenient, special angled surface to ensure this does not happen.

Angled spatulas specially designed for trays and pans

Angled spatulas are manufactured to a high standard and are suitable for use in professional kitchens. They consist of a very high-quality, non-corrosive knife steel and a plastic handle in a fresh blue colour. The specially angled surface of the spatula makes it particularly easy to get underneath food items on trays or in pans and dishes with a high edge. The width of the spatula is also well-designed to ensure the cooked item stays securely in place when you lift it up and won't tip over to the side. Rotating, turning and lifting food is really easy.
After use, these spatulas can just be washed under hot running water with a bit of washing up liquid and they are ready for use again right away.

The high-quality materials and finishing are geared towards professionals in the catering and baking industries to ensure these spatulas offer excellent functionality and a long service life.