Cake stands, flexible, white

Cake stands, flexible, white

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Key facts at a glance

  • material: plastic (ABS)
  • different configuration options
  • very hard plastic, shock-proof and impact-resistant, good oil resistance
  • different shapes and sizes available
  • hygienic and easy to clean

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Cake stands, flexible, white - Variants
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Cake stands, flexible, white
White cake platter, rotatable, dimensions approx. Ø 33 cm x height 9 cm
Cake stands, flexible, white
White cake platter, rotatable and tiltable, dimensions approx. Ø 23 cm x height 14 cm, anti-slip mat
Discontinued Item
Cake stands, flexible, white
White cake platter, rotatable, dimensions approx. Ø 32 cm x height 9 cm
Adjustable cake stands – high-impact, stylish cake presentation It doesn't matter if you are a... mehr

Adjustable cake stands – high-impact, stylish cake presentation

It doesn't matter if you are a professional or an enthusiastic amateur baker, if you are passionate about making cakes, you will be proud of your handiwork and professional baking utensils will help you produce new creations over and over again. A fitting presentation for your masterpiece needs suitable serving options. This might be on a festively decorated table or in a shop's display area: cakes and pastries will look incredible on these adjustable white cake stands!

These flexible, adjustable cake stands are produced using a particularly hard plastic material (ABS) that is shock-proof and impact-resistant as well as oil-resistant. The surface has a matt appearance. Of course, ABS is suitable for use in the food domain.

Turning and tilting – cake stands on the move!

These white cake stands come in different sizes and offer various configuration options. There are rotating cake stands and models that can be tilted. This offers a more interesting perspective, allowing you to add a bit of variety to your display or buffet design.

These cake stands are also impressively restrained. The low-key white colour looks elegant without stealing the show from the actual star – your baked creation. After use, the cake stands are quick and easy to clean, either under hot running water or in the dishwasher.