Dinner Champion III

Key facts at a glance

  • DINNER CHAMION III - The premium solution for a comprehensive meal!
  • material: expanded polypropylene (EPP), blue
  • dimensions: approx. 46 cm x 37 cm x 11.5 cm
  • weight: approx. 0.7 kg
  • suitable for 1 angular meal tray (main course) and up to 4 side dish trays or fruit, snacks, etc.
  • not suitabel for deep menu dishes

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DINNER CHAMPION III – The premium system for the discerning customer! The Dinner Champion III... more

DINNER CHAMPION III – The premium system for the discerning customer!

The Dinner Champion III meal distribution system gives you the opportunity to offer a comprehensive meal. This meal system is designed in a way that it can hold an angular meal tray (customisable divisions) for a main course as well as max. 4 meal trays for salads, soups or desserts. There is also enough space for fruit or a cereal bar.

Dinner Champion food distribution systems – sophisticated quality for good taste

The EPP outer packaging creates a solid basis for the high system quality. The EPP material (a reinforced plastic) is very light yet extremely sturdy, and, most importantly, offers excellent insulation! The anti-slip inner surface and the sturdy locking mechanism ensure that nothing goes wrong during transport. Systems of the same dimensions can be stacked for storage/transport.

Elegant white porcelain tableware, tightly sealed with a matching silicone lid, is hidden inside the insulated packaging. Unpacking the food will be enough to whet your appetite! If the food takes longer to transport or isn't needed until later, the crockery can also be used in the microwave or oven if necessary.
All components are easy to use and can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher. It goes without saying that these items are safe to use with food.

The porcelain, the silicone lid and the accessories are not included in the system contents – they should be arranged separately.