GoodBowl – the new reusable solution

A flexible, reusable system – developed by professionals for professionals

The market is ripe for a sustainable and sophisticated disposable solution for set menu dishes. 

Consumers are increasingly aware of the need for environmentally friendly products to avoid waste and facilitate sustainable consumption. The future of the planet matters to everyone – every little contribution counts.

New regulations and legislation plus increasing pressure from the EU's legal departments have highlighted the need to come up with new solutions. Many disposable plastic products are already banned in the EU, such as polystyrene food packaging. In 2023 the next stage of the legislation will come into effect. Caterers, snack bars, restaurants and delivery services will then be required to at least offer reusable containers as an alternative to disposable dishes.

GoodBowl is a new, sustainable, reusable system for takeaway packaging, designed for use in the catering and food distribution sectors. This bowl system was developed by thermohauser in consultation with kitchen experts to come up with the best design for handling work processes in the catering business, while also being as flexible as possible to use. 

GoodBowl – functionality meets design

The dishes in the GoodBowl range look fresh, high quality and attractive – they whet your appetite for what is inside. 

The bowls are made in Germany from 100% recyclable polypropylene (PP) and are available in fresh green or classic anthracite.

Needless to say, they are also suitable for use in the microwave and can be washed in the dishwasher. The dishes can reliably withstand temperatures between -10°C and +100°C

All the bowls are fully stackable – including designs in different sizes. A special lid and base construction combined with stacking notches ensures the bowls are very stable and will not slip. The lids close securely to ensure no leaks occur during transportation. The lids are also slightly transparent so you can see what is inside. There is no need for additional labels or text to identify the contents.

Tiny, Big & Twin – the GoodBowl options

Different shapes and designs are available in the GoodBowl range, offering everything you need to cover your food delivery requirements. 

The GoodBowl Big is a large bowl – with a capacity of roughly 1,300 ml, offering plenty of space for stews, pasta dishes, one-pot meals, or salads.

The GoodBowl Twin comes in the same format but has two separate compartments (with a capacity of 600 ml and 400 ml respectively), which makes it the ideal option for a main course with a side dish or sauce.

The GoodBowl Tiny has a capacity of approx. 550 ml, which is perfect for desserts, side salads or small snacks. 

The sophisticated design is a huge bonus when transporting larger numbers of GoodBowls, which is often the case if you are delivering to an office facility. Standard transport boxes with Gastronorm dimensions can be loaded with no wasted space, allowing you to utilise the maximum capacity. For example, the thermohauser Gastrostar GN 1/1 box, which has a usable height of 17 cm, can be used to transport six GoodBowl Big or Twin and six GoodBowl Tiny. 

Independence and flexibility with GoodBowl

GoodBowl is a purchased product – no rental, licensing or filling fees – after purchase the product belongs entirely to you. You can decide how to manage customer issue and retrieval. There is no contractual commitment, which means you retain your independence and flexibility.  

There are lots of great reasons to invest in GoodBowl, thermohauser's new reusable system. Our expert sales team can offer advice whenever you need it, answering any questions you might have about our other food transportation products, specialist equipment or piping bags.