Unistar Thermobox, EPP

Different versions available

Key facts at a glance

  • material: expanded polypropylene (EPP), black
  • dimensions, external: approx. 69.5 cm x 49.5 cm
  • dimensions, internal: approx. 62.5 cm x 43.5 cm (standard tray size 60 cm x 40 cm)
  • available in different usable heights
  • the inner surface is waterproof
  • incl. inserts in 1 x white, red, blue, green, yellow
  • boxes of the same base dimensions can be stacked
  • comes with lid

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Unistar Thermobox, EPP - Variants
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Unistar Thermobox, EPP
inside height 12 cm, volume 33 litres
Unistar Thermobox, EPP
inside height 16 cm, volume 44 litres
Unistar Thermobox, EPP
inside height 20 cm, volume 55 litres
Unistar Thermobox, EPP
inside height 26 cm, volume 70 litres
Unistar Thermobox, EPP
inside height 30 cm, volume 82 litres
Unistar Thermobox – transport classic baking trays well chilled The thermohauser insulated... more

Unistar Thermobox – transport classic baking trays well chilled

The thermohauser insulated boxes in the Unistar Thermobox range are the logical evolution of the tried and tested Universal insulated boxes, which have been prominent in this market for decades and which were developed for traditional baking tray dimensions of 60 cm by 40 cm.

The applicable hygiene regulations pose a significant challenge for companies, from the smallest baker to industrial bakeries with lots of branches. When it comes to food safety and adhering to temperature ranges, in particular, the requirements are justifiably strict and are regularly tracked. The Unistar insulated boxes are the right tool to comply with these provisions, especially for in-house transportation, interim storage, or delivery to branches and customers.

The Unistar Thermobox range is explicitly recommended by the Federal Association of Food Inspectors! When used correctly, the boxes contribute to "guaranteeing food safety" when transporting meals (certificate, July 2020). This is a powerful argument, as delivery services are playing an increasingly large role, not just in the restaurant and catering sector, but also for bakeries & patisseries.

Proven quality with sophisticated new features – Unistar Thermoboxes

Needless to say, the product development process has retained the long-standing, tried and tested features of the thermohauser insulated boxes. These have been supplemented with a new look, an optimised design and enhanced features.
The insulated boxes made from expanded polypropylene (EPP) have an excellent etched surface on the outside, which not only looks good but also improves the stability. The design profile underscores the contemporary look. The inner surface is laser cut and thus waterproof. Leaking liquids have no chance of being absorbed in the material and leaving behind unpleasant odours or soiling. A hygiene benefit that pays off. In terms of cleaning, the Unistar insulated boxes are as straightforward as usual to deal with – just wash them out with hot water, or clean in the dishwasher, either option is available. Boxes of the same base dimensions can be stacked for storage.
Significant optimisations have been made in terms of the general convenience and ergonomics when using the Unistar Thermoboxes. For example, the recesses on the long side and at diagonal corners make it much easier to load and unload trays. The lid can also be opened and closed using the diagonal corners. The handle has been significantly improved with a more ergonomic design. Labelling requirements play an increasingly important role, which is why the EPP Unistar insulated boxes have an area for stick-on labels and a compartment for inserts. A colour set of inserts is included with every box.

The product range around the Unistar insulated boxes has been supplemented with several practical items. The matching cooling attachment frame, for example, enables additional cooling from above with commercially available cooling elements. The thermometer integrated in the frame allows the changing temperature to be monitored at all times.