Depot Thermobox, EPP

Different versions available

Key facts at a glance

  • material: expanded polypropylene (EPP), black
  • dimensions, external: approx. 52.5 cm x 43 cm
  • dimensions, internal: approx. 46.5 cm x 37 cm
  • available in different usable heights
  • ideal for transporting tray meals, aluminium trays and similar items (home delivery services, meals on wheels, etc.)
  • comes with lid

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Depot Thermobox, EPP - Variants
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Depot Thermobox, EPP
inside height 25 cm, volume 43 litres, for up to 24 flat or 16 deep aluminium menu trays
Depot Thermobox – more than just storage Meal delivery services have grown in importance over... more

Depot Thermobox – more than just storage

Meal delivery services have grown in importance over recent years, experiencing a boom that is currently continuing. Alongside traditional recipients, such as the elderly and those in need of care, the clientele has expanded significantly to include children's nurseries, and employees in offices and manufacturing facilities. It isn't just classic catering services that have recognised the sign of the times and are focusing on this growing business area: butchers, bakers, snack bars and even restaurants are also getting involved.
Providing people with fresh, warm meals requires expertise and excellent quality. When food is plated up in a pub or at a serving counter, the result is primarily dependent on the skill of the person cooking it, but with home delivery services the time factor also plays a huge role. Unless the recipient gets their food in perfect hygienic condition while still fresh and high in quality, they will not be satisfied or consider ordering again.

The Depot box, a standardised solution for home deliveries

If you are looking for a standardised solution for distributing multiple tray meals in a single step, the Thermobox Depot is an excellent choice.

These transport boxes are designed for transporting tray meals etc., i.e. specifically for use in the delivery sector. Depending on the design, several different meal trays can be loaded up and transported. This is ideal, for example, if there are several recipients at one destination because then the box doesn't have to be opened while underway.

The material EPP (foamed plastic) is extremely lightweight and also highly resistant, it meets food safety regulations and is easy to clean (dishwasher). The insulated boxes are therefore ideal for use in gastronomy, community catering and delivery services. Their excellent insulating properties and minimal temperature loss over several hours make these boxes suitable for use between temperatures of around -40°C to +120°C. Boxes of the same dimensions can be stacked on top of one another during transportation/storage. Unless specified otherwise in the product description, the boxes are supplied with a matching lid.