Thermo Tower Cold

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Thermo Tower Cold - reliable transport for refrigerated meals

If you are looking for the ideal solution for reliable, hygienic transportation or storage of chilled meals, you cannot go wrong with the mobile front-loading Thermo Tower Cold.

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Thermo Tower Cold - Variants
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Thermo Tower Cold
Thermo Tower Cold, 14 racks, net capacity 144 liters
Thermo Tower Cold
Thermo Tower Cold, 20 racks, net capacity 200 liters
Thermo Tower Cold - the cool food trolley The new Thermo Tower Cold is the cool solution if... mehr

Thermo Tower Cold - the cool food trolley

The new Thermo Tower Cold is the cool solution if you need reliable, hygienic transportation for refrigerated meals. The integrated convection cooling system ensures an even temperature distribution and stable temperature, including during longer storage or transportation periods. Various different versions are available.

Key facts at a glance

  • trolley material: EDS 18/10
  • bumper material: high-quality polyamide
  • colour: silver/black
  • connection: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • power: 350 W (version 14 racks), 500 W (version 20 racks)
  • full-length door front for added hygiene and better protection against the ingress of dirt
  • convection cooling for rapid and consistent cooling (cooling capacity: +2 °C to +10 °C)
  • run-off for condensation water: which is drained away to the evaporator at the back, usable area and floor remain dry
  • digital and analogue thermometer to read the internal temperature, analogue display with no power supply
  • touch display for even easier temperature input

These great details feature in every Thermo Tower

  • 270° swivel door with magnet to secure.
    Convenient to load and unload. No additional space requirement.
  • Power cable optimally positioned at the back of the equipment. No trip hazard.
  • Slightly sloping internal floor to allow run-off of dirty water or condensation.
    Removable joint seals.
  • Additional GN boxes or trays can be stored and transported without slipping thanks to the guardrail that runs around the edge.
    Trolley is comfortable to steer from all sides.
  • Bumper made from high-quality polyamide offer comprehensive cushioning. Protects the trolley and surroundings.
  • Two swivel castors with holding brake at the front, two swivel castors at the back can be converted to fixed castors.
    Easy to move on different surfaces.
  • Quick-release lock: opens and closes in a single step.
    Additional seal available. For added safety during transportation.

Thermo Tower - quality and functionality in a single product

More detailed information and technical details about the individual models are available here or on personal request. We would be delighted to advise you right away!