Baking sheets / Baking foil, set of 3

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Key facts at a glance

  • material: fibreglass with PTFE coating
  • 3 baking sheets in each practical package
  • available in 2 sizes
  • extremely temperature resistant, from -70°C to +260°C
  • extremely durable, can be used up to 500 times on each side
  • no more grease removal
  • easy to clean

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Baking sheets / Baking foil, set of 3 - Variants
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Baking sheets / Baking foil, set of 3
permanent baking foil, size GN 1/1, dimensions 52 cm x 31.5 cm, set of 3
Baking sheets / Baking foil, set of 3
permanent baking foil, dimensions 60 cm x 40 cm, set of 3
Pop it in the oven, and you're ready to go – bake using baking sheets and avoid having to... mehr

Pop it in the oven, and you're ready to go – bake using baking sheets and avoid having to grease!

In the olden days, goods were baked directly on the greased baking tray. A bit too much heat, letting a little too much time pass, and those biscuits or that cake were rock solid in no time. Cleaning the tray was arduous and, generally speaking, wasn't good for the material either. Those days are long gone – bake with practical, durable, hygienic and flawless baking sheets from thermohauser that will soon become essential kitchen companions!

Temperature-resistant baking sheets that are easy to care for – a perfect kitchen aid at professional quality

The baking sheet comes in a practical set of 3 and is manufactured using high-quality fibreglass with double-sided non-stick coating (PTFE). There's no need to grease before baking and nothing will burn onto the sheet ever again. In terms of hygiene, baking sheets are completely harmless, as the material has a neutral odour and flavour.

The baking sheet set, consisting of a practical box containing 3 sheets, is available in two different sizes. One for gastronorm (GN) trays with a size of approx. 52 centimetres by 31.5 centimetres. The other size corresponds to the classic 60 cm by 40 cm baking tray.
The baking sheet is extremely sturdy, scratch-proof and durable. It can be used up to 500 times without hesitation, at temperatures between -70°C and +260°C. After use, you can either clean the sheet in the dishwasher or simply wipe it with a little washing-up liquid and a cloth under hot water, dry it briefly and use it again immediately or store it rolled up in its practical box. It is worth noting that the sheet cannot be folded, as this would break the fibreglass. For the same reason, you should not chop on top of the baking sheet.

It's easy to choose a baking sheet as a practical kitchen aid. As the baking sheet can be used for a long time, it helps reduce waste and save resources. You no longer need extra grease when baking. Due to its extreme temperature range, the baking sheet can be of use in almost every kitchen. It can be used on baking trays, grills and even as a board on your work surface when rolling out dough, for example. Baking sheets are therefore easy but extremely practical utensils for working in the kitchen and bakery.