Pastry tongs, stainless steel

Pastry tongs, stainless steel

In verschiedenen Varianten erhältlich

Key facts at a glance

  • material: stainless steel
  • different designs available
  • for stylish, elegant serving

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Pastry tongs, stainless steel - Variants
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Pastry tongs, stainless steel
Pastry tongs, perforated, length approx. 20 cm
Pastry tongs, stainless steel
Pastry tongs, closed, length approx. 18 cm
Pick up pastries with ease – with stainless steel pastry tongs A delicate pastry, elegantly... mehr

Pick up pastries with ease – with stainless steel pastry tongs

A delicate pastry, elegantly arranged on an individual plate or platter is a wonderful, appetising sight. These stainless steel pastry tongs are a helpful, attractive accessory that you will find incredibly useful for picking up pastries neatly and hygienically.

Stainless steel pastry tongs – neat and attractive

The stainless steel pastry tongs are available in various designs.
Whether you prefer an open or closed shape is really a matter of personal taste but will also depend on the kind of pastries being served. The open shape has the benefit that chocolate, cream and other liquids will not stick to the tongs.

Pastry tongs are an elegant option for other uses as well as at the table. These stainless steel tongs are ideal for use at a restaurant or hotel buffet, or in a shop display area where products are presented in bowls and jars, not to mention in professional kitchens and everyday catering environments.

They offer the perfect, hygienic way to easily pick up foods and small portions for serving or packing.