Cake slice, plastic

Cake slice, plastic

In verschiedenen Varianten erhältlich

Key facts at a glance

  • material: plastic (SAN)
  • different designs available
  • for practical serving and presentation

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Cake slice, plastic - Variants
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Cake slice, plastic
Cake server, transparent, length approx. 11 cm
Cake slice, plastic
Cake server, white, length approx. 11 cm
Swift serving options using plastic cake slices The delicious cake or tart has been cut, and... mehr

Swift serving options using plastic cake slices

The delicious cake or tart has been cut, and each guest is waiting for the moment when a delicious slice will land safely on their plate ready for them to tuck in and enjoy.
Delicately decorated plastic cake slices look attractive on the coffee table while also being highly practical and ensuring successful results.

The finest cutlery for the finest cakes and pastries

The top priority must be to transfer each slice of cake safely from the cake platter to the individual plate: nobody wants to see it tipping over or falling apart. This is just as important in the domestic sphere as it is in the professional setting of a café or restaurant. Plastic cake slices are practical accessories that will be a great help here.

These cake slices are produced from SAN plastic, which has a particularly hard surface that is resistant to scratching. This material is also safe for use with food. The cake slices are available in various designs, which are united by their elegant appearance. The handles feature a discreet and very elegant decorative design.
These cake slices can easily handle brief, rapid changes in temperature – the plastic is resistant to freezing cold and, momentarily, to boiling temperatures. Whether you are serving an ice cream cake or a cake with warm fruit, these plastic cake slices are an ideal choice.
After use, these cake slices are easy to wash either in the dishwasher or under hot running water with some washing up liquid, and they are ready to use again in no time.