Food scoops

Food scoops

In verschiedenen Varianten erhältlich

Key facts at a glance

  • material: plastic (PE / PP), milky white
  • free-standing
  • different sizes available

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Food scoops - Variants
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Food scoops
Food scoop, capacity 350 ml, length 31 cm
Food scoops
Food scoop, capacity 1250 ml, length 40 cm
Food scoops
Food scoop, capacity 750 ml, length 35 cm
Food scoops – the right size for dry goods If you need to fill containers, or measure out or... mehr

Food scoops – the right size for dry goods

If you need to fill containers, or measure out or decant dry goods, a food scoop (also known as a measuring scoop) is a simple and practical utensil. You should always have one of these scoops handy to fill practical containers in your kitchen or bakery with flour, sugar, rice, pasta or spices or to decant these ingredients for further processing. These scoops are also a quick and easy way to measure out ingredients – weigh the measuring scoop, set the scales, and off you go.

Decanting and filling containers with food scoops

Our product range includes various sizes of these milky-white, plastic food scoops. The scoops are free-standing and do not tip over. Needless to say, they are approved for use with food products.
After use, the scoops can be rinsed clean quickly and easily under hot running water.

Also ideal for scooping pet food, plant substrate and similar applications

The food scoops can be used for all sorts of purposes in the kitchen. But they have many uses elsewhere too.
For example, the scoops are ideal for decanting dry food for animals or for packing up plant substrates. These kinds of products are often delivered in large packaging units and need decanting and weighing out.

Plastic food scoops are an essential basic tool wherever there are dry products or other ingredients to be decanted or refilled.