Measuring scoops, white

Measuring scoops, white

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Key facts at a glance

  • material: plastic (PP), white
  • free-standing
  • closed at the front, particularly suitable for liquids too
  • different sizes available

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Measuring scoops, white - Variants
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Measuring scoops, white
Measuring scoop, content 25 ml, length 13.5 cm
Measuring scoops, white
Measuring scoop, content 50 ml, length 16 cm
Measuring scoops, white
Measuring scoop, content 250 ml, length 26 cm
Measuring scoops, white
Measuring scoop, content 500 ml, length 31.5 cm
Measuring scoops, white
Measuring scoop, content 100 ml, length 20 cm
Measuring scoops, white
Measuring scoop, content 1000 ml, length 38.5 cm
Measuring scoops – an easy way to measure out ingredients A measuring scoop is a practical... mehr

Measuring scoops – an easy way to measure out ingredients

A measuring scoop is a practical kitchen utensil especially for measuring out dry ingredients such as flour, sugar, salt, rice or pasta. It doesn't matter whether you are working in a professional kitchen (at a restaurant or canteen, for example) or in your private kitchen. The only implication might be what size measuring scoops you should acquire.
A measuring scoop that is closed at the front and free-standing is even more versatile. It can be used both to measure out dry ingredients and liquids without anything being spilled.

Measuring scoops or food scoops – a must-have utensil

These measuring scoops (also often referred to as food scoops) are manufactured from white plastic (PP). They are available in various sizes, ranging in capacity from approx. 25 ml up to one litre.

These measuring scoops are equally suitable for dry ingredients or liquids. This is thanks to their ingenious design – free standing and closed at the front to prevent anything spilling.

And food is not the only application: these scoops can also be used to dispense dry pet food, planting substrate, and even substances for use in laboratory facilities.

After use, the scoops can either be cleaned in the dishwasher or under hot, running water with some washing up liquid. It is also possible to sterilise this material.

Measuring scoops are a useful, practical utensil for measuring out ingredients. They are a vital item of equipment that you should always have to hand.