Pump dispenser/hygiene dispenser PET

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Key facts at a glance

  • Material: Plastic (PET), transparent with white pump cap
  • various sizes available
  • practical pump system
  • suitable for disinfectants, cleaning products, liquid soap
  • long-lasting, can be refilled at any time

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Pump dispenser/hygiene dispenser PET - Variants
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Pump dispenser/hygiene dispenser PET
Pump dispenser 300 milliliters, diameter 6 cm, height 15.5 cm
Pump dispenser/hygiene dispenser PET
Pump dispenser 500 milliliters, diameter 6.8 cm, height 21.5 cm
Pump dispenser/hygiene dispenser PET
Pump dispenser 1000 milliliters, diameter 7.8 cm, height 21 cm
Pump dispenser for increased cleanliness and hygiene in all... mehr

Pump dispenser for increased cleanliness and hygiene in all areas       

In a large kitchen or a restaurant kitchen, a bakery, a restaurant or a school canteen, hand hygiene is an important topic in all areas where several people meet and food is involved. The practical pump dispensers from thermohauser will help you implement hygiene rules and cleaning measures.             

With transparency for increased hygiene     

The pump dispensers from thermohauser are manufactured from visually high-quality, transparent plastic (PET) with a white pump cap. The material is light but break-resistant and durable. The dispensers can be rinsed out at any time and refilled. The plastic has a neutral odour and is acid-stable, which makes it a particularly interesting choice for use with cleaning products or disinfectants.               

Whether you fill the pump dispenser with liquid soap, disinfectant or cleaning products, it is effective and easy to use. You are thus providing the best possible support for hand hygiene at all critical points as required.