Spray bottles, plastic

Spray bottles, plastic

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Key facts at a glance

  • material: Plastic (HDPE), white with coloured closure / spray head
  • various sizes available
  • suitable for disinfectants or cleaning products
  • long-lasting, can be refilled at any time

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Spray bottles, plastic - Variants
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Spray bottles, plastic
Spray bottle, 350 ml, orange cap
Spray bottles, plastic
Spray bottle, 950 ml, blue cap
Whether for surface disinfection or watering flowers - spray bottles are versatile tools... mehr

Whether for surface disinfection or watering flowers - spray bottles are versatile tools

Probably the best known application is the use of spray bottles for the even watering of houseplants. However, when it comes to surface cleaning and the disinfecting of surfaces, for example in offices, medical practices and care facilities, daycare centres and schools, and - most typically - in kitchens, catering businesses, and bakeries, plastic spray bottles are an essential piece of equipment for everyday work.

Plastic spray bottles for regular hygiene work

The spray bottles from thermohauser are made from a plain, white plastic (HDPE) with a spray head closure - in various colours depending on the size. They sit nicely in the hand, have a low weight and stand out on account of their long service life, as they can be simply refilled at any time without any problem. Whether you choose to use it with water, cleaning product or disinfectant for surface disinfection - all options are open to you. Thanks to the coloured spray head, it is easy to identify which spray bottle is designated for which use. In particular, the spray bottle is exceptionally well-suited for surface disinfection and cleaning.

Essentially, it makes no difference whether the spray bottles are filled with water, cleaning product or a disinfectant - they are simple to use, practical and more or less indestructible tool when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene.