COMBI ROLL-UP GN 1/1 Thermobox, EPP

Key facts at a glance

  • material: expanded polypropylene (EPP), black
  • dimensions, external: approx. 74 cm x 47.7 cm x 70 cm
  • dimensions, internal (usable space): approx. 62.5 cm x 33 cm x 51.5 cm
  • weight: approx. 5.1 kg
  • volume: approx. 125 litres
  • innovative sliding door solution for easy and convenient loading and unloading - especially when the boxes are stacked or close together!

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Combi Roll-Up GN 1/1 insulation box – The sturdy catering solution with sliding door The new... mehr

Combi Roll-Up GN 1/1 insulation box – The sturdy catering solution with sliding door

The new addition to the successful thermohauser Combi insulation boxes series with front-loading option helps tidy up everyday gastronomy chaos.
The Combi Roll-Up GN 1/1 transportation and insulation box immediately makes it easier and more comfortable to fill and unload dishes. The sliding door solution used here is new and unique. As well as looking like a blind, the integrated sliding door in this new insulation box can be easily opened and closed at any time with minimal effort. When open, the sliding door disappears safely into the upper part of the box, saving space. This means it is always to hand and never in the way.

Innovative sliding door – new convenience at the usual temperature

The Combi Roll-Up GN 1/1 insulation box offers the usual front-loading box standard, but also offers some particularly convenient and innovative features.

The opening on the new sliding door is simple and convenient. The sturdy door can be quickly and securely stowed away during everyday use, all while saving space. This avoids creating tripping hazards caused by parts lying around, which is a plus for workplace safety. Combi Roll-Up GN 1/1 transportation and insulation boxes can easily be opened at any time when stacked on top of one another or placed close together, as the sliding door solution doesn't require any additional space. The sliding door closes tightly, ensuring that the usual temperature requirements are maintained inside the transport box.

The 13 shelves offer lots of space for individual placement – the Combi Roll-Up GN 1/1 box can be variably loaded with GN containers and/or GN trays as required.

No matter whether you want to transport ready-made hot dishes or fresh, cool dishes, the additional opening on the back wall of the box provides even air circulation, thus ensuring the perfect temperature distribution inside the box. The best starting conditions to make sure that your dishes reach their destination in perfect condition.

During development, great importance was placed on the health and safety of the user. Ergonomically shaped handles on the long sides ensure that the transportation and insulation box is safe and comfortable to carry. The matching chassis makes it more comfortable to transport even full boxes across longer distances.

Another important and impressive detail is the well-considered construction of the Combi Roll-Up GN 1/1 insulation box in terms of hygiene guidelines and cleaning. A topic that is more important than ever these days! After use, the elegant transport box can be disassembled into three parts in just a few simple steps and cleaned under hot running water or in the dishwasher. Nevertheless, it is entirely sturdy and solid, designed for long and intense use in the kitchen and catering.

Combi Roll-Up GN 1/1 Thermobox – an investment in the future

The Combi Roll-Up GN 1/1 transportation and insulation box has been combining the proven material and manufacturing qualities in the thermohauser insulation boxes made of enhanced plastic (EPP) with new improvements and enhancements designed to meet our customers' demands. The result is high-quality, functional, long-lasting product that every kitchen needs.