Pizza Thermobox, EPP

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Key facts at a glance 

  • material: expanded polypropylene (EPP), black
  • dimensions, external: approx. 41 cm x 41 cm
  • dimensions, internal:  approx. 35 cm x 35 cm
  • available in different usable heights
  • comes with lid
  • ventilation slots in the lid and dimpled base for even ventilation of the box
  • for pizza, cake, pies and even shopping

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Pizza Thermobox, EPP - Variants
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Pizza Thermobox, EPP
inside height 10 cm, volume 12,5 litres
Pizza Thermobox, EPP
inside height 17,5 cm, volume 21,5 litres
Pizza Thermobox, EPP
inside height 26,5 cm, volume 32,5 litres
Pizza Thermobox, EPP
inside height 30,5 cm, volume 37,5 litres
Pizza Thermobox, EPP
inside height 34 cm, volume 41,5 litres
Pizza Thermobox, EPP
inside height 20,5 cm, volume 25 litres
Pizza insulation box – keeps pizza hot and crispy on the move A good-quality pizza has a light... mehr

Pizza insulation box – keeps pizza hot and crispy on the move

A good-quality pizza has a light yet crispy dough and fresh toppings that aren't soggy. The Pizza insulation box is an excellent means of making sure that the best pizza doesn't lose freshness or quality during delivery.

The square design is tailored to the measurements of standard pizza boxes. The dimpled base inside the box creates even air circulation and prevents the bottom from going soggy. There is also a ventilation slot integrated into the lid of the Pizza insulation box that provides better air circulation in the box and therefore avoids the pizza getting soggy as a result of too much moisture. The ventilation slot can be open or closed s required. Thanks to the extremely effective insulation that comes from the enhanced plastic EPP, pizzas stay hot and fresh during delivery.

One that can do more than just pizza – the "Pizza Thermobox" insulation box

This insulated box is suitable for transporting more than just pizza. If you need to transport cake or a fresh pie, this should be your method of choice. What works for hot food works just as well the other way round with food and creations where freshness and cooling are essential. A cooling lid (available separately) can also be used by fitting it with up to six commercially available cooling batteries and placing it on the Pizza insulation box instead of the normal lid. If you need more height, matching stacking frames make the ideal accessory.

Light and highly insulated – EPP, a great material

Pizza insulation boxes are designed for use in the food industry. The material EPP (enhanced plastic) is an extremely light yet highly resistant material, safe to use under food law and easy to clean (dishwasher). The insulated boxes are therefore ideal for use in gastronomy, community catering and delivery services. The highly insulating effect and minimal temperature loss over hours make these boxes suitable for use between temperatures of around -40°C to +120°C. Boxes of the same dimensions can be stacked on top of one another during transport/storage.