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EPP/EPS Transportation and insulation boxes

EPP-Box halboffen mit Dampf_2012_kleinerHow to make the transport of, especially temperature sensitive food items, easier and more comfortable? With thermohauser transportation and insulation boxes! 

The boxes are made of high insulating EPP (expandable polypropylene) and EPS (expandable polystyrol). Being light weight, but robust and food safe above all, the thermohauser-boxes are a perfect choice to store and transport food items.



GN-BehälterModern kitchen, canteens, food distributors without Gastronorm-containers?

Unbelievable, as they have become an essential and useful tool to distribute, store or serve food. 



bluboxenThe blu’box transportation boxes provide another high-value opportunity to make temperature sensitive food distribution even safer.

Made of an appealing dark blue polypropylene (PP), the boxes are working also as an eye catcher. The material is food safe and supports effective hygiene standards. By having the opportunity to influence the temperature level, blu’boxes are perfectly suited to maintain the food quality, even during long transports.


Food distribution system Dinner Champion

Dinner ChampionAs if the meal comes directly out of the kitchen!

Dinner Champion – this product range stands for a food distribution system, being both attractive and functional. The system is used by distributors of hot meals, more particularly meals on wheels.



Temptainertemptainer® – as if the meal comes directly out of the kitchen!

Fresh meals, prepared with greatest care and highest quality standards, should always be served up that perfect. This is quite often a challenge, considering the number of portions, long distances between kitchen and dining table – but it is a challenge, which we have taken up!

The answer is temptainer®, an attractive and innovating logistic solution for food distribution, hot or cold.


Plastic containers

Kunststoffbehälterthermohauser stacking containers, tubs and buckets - perfect for transportation and storage!

To support the logistics chain, plastic stacking containers, tubs and buckets are useful tools for almost all operational areas of a company.