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EPP/EPS Transportation and insulation boxes

EPP-Box halboffen mit Dampf_2012_kleinerHow to make the transport of, especially temperature sensitive food items, easier and more comfortable? With thermohauser transportation and insulation boxes! 

The boxes are made of high insulating EPP (expandable polypropylene) and EPS (expandable polystyrol). Being light weight, but robust and food safe above all, the thermohauser-boxes are a perfect choice to store and transport food items.

No CFC is needed for producing the boxes, they are recyclable at all.

About our EPP-boxes - the top level for transportation and insulation!
The material EPP is used for decades in the automotive industry, as it combines light-weight with extreme shock and break resistance, robustness and long lifetime. In the early 1990s thermohauser identified the advantages of the material to be used in the food sector – since then the development has never stopped.
The boxes are perfectly insulating, mainly in a temperature range from -40 °C up to +120 °C. Loss of temperature is low, so the boxes are ideal for the transport of temperature sensitive food items and ready to eat meals. Their absorption of flavours and odours as well as their acid  resistance make them a perfect solution for meeting hygiene standards, even during longer transport times. Beyond all that, the boxes are dishwasher-proof and easy to clean. Another aspect to make transport as well as storage more comfortable is the stackability of the boxes.
thermohauser EPP-boxes – the right choice, if quality and price are counting.

It depends on the application, but sometimes an easier or oneway solution is needed. Therefor we offer our EPS-boxes as an alternative. The material is highly insulating and food-safe as well. But, due to a reduced shock and break resistance and less resilience of EPS (expandable polystyrol), the boxes have a shorter lifetime circle. At the same time, they are cheaper and therefore another hygienic solution for budget transports.

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